PC-BSD has just announced a logo contest on the Announce Mailing List and on the Forums:

While the new web site is cooking, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the logomark contest!

If you have artwork skills and would like to take part in the PC-BSD project, you can set your imagination free to create a logomark for PC-BSD. Please keep in mind that PC-BSD will keep its current logo, and the logomark will be a complement to it. Think of it as what the apple it to Apple, or what the window is to Windows.

Our logomark will be used for for the K Menu (“Start” menu), as well as for hardware, cool gear, and plate logos. Therefore it MUST be as high as wide. The PC-BSD team reserves the right to keep the FreeBSD logo as its logomark if it finds it more suitable.

The PC-BSD project will acquire ownership of the winning logo by assignment of copyright, and the winning designer will disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other rights related to the design (paperwork will be required). By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the logo and is its rightful owner. The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.

You can submit your artwork until June 15th to charles_AT_pcbsd_D0T_org. The logomark should be usable in monochrome and color media, including limited colors (say 2 or 3 colors). You can submit more than one entry, but no variant of a particular entry (choose the one you prefer). Each submission MUST include:

– High resolution print-ready scalable vector format such as portable EPS, SVG or Adobe Illustrator AI
– JPEG or PNG thumbnail with a resolution of 640 x 480
– Design concept / description
– Submitter’s full name, email address

If you have questions, please get in touch with Charles or ask on our forum