PC-BSD 1.4 (alpha), Xorg 7.2 & Beryl

If you can’t wait for the official PC-BSD 1.4 release, go and download one of the triweekly ISOs. The last ISO (02 June) now includes Xorg 7.2, Beryl, Nvidia drivers and a lot more.

Please note, this is still in alpha development, so don’t be surprised if you come across problems and bugs etc. If you find any, please send them to the Beta Mailinglist.


  1. says

    I’m looking forward for the full version. I’m a fans of PC-BSD since the first time my friend show it how the PBI worked.

    Now it

    will support Beryl !!!

    I hope it won’t make me having a headache like when I install Beryl on my openSuse 10.2


  1. […] Desktop-Geschmacksrichtung von FreeBSD, PCBSD, gibts nun in einer Test-Version, 1.4 alpha. Mit anbei die Umstellung auf Xorg

    7.2, zuzüglich Beryl als Eyecandy. Wer mag kann […]

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