I’ve been going through all the open bug tickets cleaning up things that have been fixed and reviewing everything else to help Scott and the other developers fix the remaining issues. We’re down to about a half dozen known issues in the current RELENG_1_2 snapshots, which will hopefully all be fixed in a week or less. At that point, assuming we don’t find any other issues in the mean time, 1.2b2 will be released.As always, I can’t speculate on a release date for 1.2. That largely depends on what issues people find once 1.2b2 is out, and how much the developers’ real lives and paid work get in the way of open source work. Probably somewhere between 1-4 months from now. We’re shooting for sooner rather than later, as this release is already drastically more reliable and bug free than 1.0.1, but we also want to make sure there are no known issues in the 1.2 release.

Source: pfSense Blog