From another happy FreeNAS user:

So we have our FreeNAS RAID array setup now. We have two 500GB hard drives mirrored in a RAID 1 array and it seems to be working well. The setup was very simple, just downloaded/burned the iso, installed FreeNAS to a spare usb key then followed the documentation to setup the raid.

So now we have a 500gb mirrored RAID 1 drive connected to our network and have been moving our collective media over to it. We are both running our laptop iTunes Libraries from the RAID and I am currently working on a program to keep our libraries in sync. The aim of this script is to scan the NAS music folder, scan the local iTunes library, compare the 2 and add files on the NAS that are not present on iTunes. At first I decided to use applescript but it seems this is too slow when you have 11000+ tunes!

So I have resorted to learning objective-c and write a proper cocoa application to handle this. Wish me luck! I’ll update when there are updates!