pfSense logoAfter a long bug hunting and regression testing period, Scott Ullrich has announced the second beta release of pfSense 1.2, a FreeBSD-based firewall on 04 July.

1.2-BETA-2 has many new features and stability improvements making it the leading Open Source firewall solution. Enterprise features, rock solid stability adds up to one great release!

Here are just a few of the new improvements and features that have made their way into this new version: advanced outbound NAT fixes; UPNP now works on live CD; miscellaneous log viewing fixes; password field lengths now line up on nervecenter theme; IPSEC now works correctly on CARP interfaces out of the box; routed hosts behind a policy-routed segment can now reach the LAN interface correctly when the anti-lockout rule is enabled; pfSync and CARP now will work correctly on extremely restrictive rulesets; captive portal images fixed…

Read the rest of the release announcement for full details.