[update 13/12/2007: a new version has now been released – check here]

The next major release of FreeBSD, version 7, is one of the most significant so far, with amount of new technologies and improvement largest since introduction of 5.0.

Ivan Voras has now created a FreeBSD 7 LiveCD . This is part of his 2007 Google Summer of Code project, finstall, a graphical FreeBSD installer that’s also a live CD.

The Live CD contains the FreeBSD 7.0 “base” system, a recent kernel, and a basic X11 system with the Xfce 4.2 desktop environment (can be run it as root by starting “startx”). This LiveCD is mostly usable to people that need a “rescue” CD or those which need to experiment with certain aspects of 7.0 like hardware compatibility. It’s not a general-purpose “desktop” LiveCD.

This is all still work-in-progress and Ivan has already reported some problems (panics).


FreeBSD 7.0 LiveCD