The third beta release of m0n0wall 1.3, a FreeBSD-based firewall, is now available for download.

From the changelog:

added voucher support to captive portal (mwiget); wireless LAN improvements; allow dashes in alias names; added hidden option to disable auto-generation of PPTP rules on WAN; fixed ATA hard disk spin down feature; ipfilter TCP window scaling bug fix; synced with changes from 1.23 branch; increased mfsroot size to 14 MB (from 13 MB); updated base system to FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p6; updated PHP to 4.4.7, ipsec-tools to 0.6.7, isc-dhcpd to 3.0.5, Dnsmasq to 2.39; added kernel patch for fragment bug in ipfilter; modified kernel patch to handle ipnat+dummynet in ip_input….

Check the changelog for full details