This is a review on Cthulhu Linux Blog

This is a release I’ve been waiting for quite a while; it’s a nifty front-end installer for FreeBSD 6.2 (the latest and greatest version of FreeBSD) that takes all the hassle out of installing a Unix-like system, with the added benefit of being completely dummy-proof in adding apps with a series of push-button installers (pbi’s) that package all the dependencies/support files in a single package, much like the installers for Windows programs (exe?) or Mac OS X (dmg) do–no chance of getting caught in a Linux dependency hell (though increasingly rare, it does happen).

Initially I was going to install this in VirtualBox, as I had the ISO files (CDs one and two) but was too lazy to burn them to CD; VirtualBox refused to cooperate, so I ended up installing the system to an old Compaq laptop, maxed out with 1 Gb of ram and a 120 Gb HDD.

The installation process took around 30 minutes total, and that was only because I chose to add some additional items from the second CD–the initial base install took a total of 17 minutes: first asking me identify my timezone/keyboard layout/language on one screen, then root password/user name/Real name/user password/shell account (I chose bash, as that’s what is used with most Linux distros, and the one I’m familiar with); this was followed by a disk partition screen, where I chose ‘use the whole disk’–though the option to use only a sub-section was available under ‘advanced options’.

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