Previously we reported Matteo’s suggestion on how to get Flash and YouTube/Google Video to work on FreeBSD, but now that gnash-0.8.1 is in the ports tree (and hence avilable for FreeBSD, PC-BSD and DesktopBSD), the greasemonkey+mplayer hack is no longer needed to watch these videos.

It seems like Flash it getting better on the BSD desktop (Gnash, swfDec, Adobe Flash) but unfortunately this is only Flash 7. According to this post Gnash still needs a lot of working on. Youtube videos work, but anything more complicated code-wise (eg. Flash games) make Gnash crash.

CNN for instance and a lot of other popular websites use Flash 9, so there’s still a problem for *BSD users. Or not…?

There’s now a PBI available for PCBSD 1.4 of the Windows version of Firefox with Flash 9 (using Wine) which can be downloaded here or here.

However, Gnash, swfDec or the Flash 9 PBI are little hacks in order to get Adobe Flash working on the BSD Desktop. What we want from you, Adobe, is either a BSD Flash version of an open source version of Flash so we can make it work ourselves.