Win4BSD is a PC emulator that runs Windows as a guest at nearly native speed under FreeBSD. It is based on QEMU, a partially open, partially closed source emulator package. However, Win4BSD offers many advantages, including much greater speed, ease of use, more seamless integration with the host OS, and “grabless” mouse transition between the host and Windows guest.

Win4BSD is the latest port of a product that has previously been known as Win4lin and SCO Merge.

This port downloads, extracts and installs the contents of the Win4BSD package. It will work with or without a Win4BSD license. If you do not have a license, Win4BSD will function for a 3 week trial period.

You can download packages (.iso, .tbz, pbi) and user guide from

Install Win4BDS in:

  • FreeBSD: as root /usr/ports/emulators && make install clean
  • PC-BSD: same as FreeBSD or download the PBI
  • DesktopBSD: same as FreeBSD or install with the PackageManager

I use Win4BSD on my PC-BSD system for a few Windows (only) programs and I must say that the speed is reasonably fast and the package as a whole is quite stable; it only crashes occasionally. Recommended, if you can afford $29.99 and want to use *BSD as your primary OS.