Yesterday we wrote about Penguin Pete installing FreeBSD from scrach. Today I have a link to Greg’s (Sparks, Nevada) blog who shows step-by-step (with screenshots) how to install FreeBSD:

When it comes to servers, I have always preferred FreeBSD as my operating system of choice. Maybe it’s the cute mascot, maybe it’s the amazing stability it offers, maybe it’s just what I’m used to, but I love it! In this article, I’ll discuss how to set up a very basic, bare-bones FreeBSD server installation.

The first thing you need, obviously, is FreeBSD itself! FreeBSD is free, open-source software licensed under the BSD License. You can obtain a copy at I will be using the version 6-2-RELEASE boot-only ISO. This ISO will boot into the FreeBSD kernel and start the sysinstall utility. A direct link is available here: You can choose to use the full ISOs available in the same directory on the FTP site. Go ahead and burn your ISO(s) using whichever software you prefer and boot the computer with the CD.

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