A few weeks ago the Google Summer

of Code finished. This is the update from FreeBSD with regards to the FBSD projects:

“The FreeBSD Project is proud to have taken part in the Google

Summer of Code 2007. We received more high quality applications this year than ever before. In the end it was a very tough decision to narrow it down to the

25 students selected for funding by Google. These student projects included security research, improved installation tools, new utilities, and more. Many of

the students have continued working on their FreeBSD projects even after the official close of the program.

We are happy to report that all students made

some progress towards their goals for the summer, and the 22 students listed below completed the program successfully.

Information about the student

projects is available from our Summer of Code wiki and all of the code is checked into Perforce. The

summaries below were submitted by the individual students and their mentors with minor editing for consistency.”

These are the FBSD 2007 Summer of Code projects (Project, Student, Mentor, Summary of