What do you think about creating a FreeBSD magazine? Waste of time? Perfect niche?
Kasia is thinking of starting a magazine devoted to FreeBSD. What do you think? Leave your feedback here

We have just decided to open and enter the American market a new – totally devoted to FreeBSD magazine.
To meet your expectation, I would like to invite you to active cooperation in creating new magazine.

What about the profil of magazine? Have you got any special themes, you would like to read about?

What do you think about regular sections such as:

  1. What’s new (about latest-released FreeBSD-related products, applications)
  2. Get started! (theory through practice! – that is how to install, configure and work with different FreeBSD-baced programs, applications)
  3. How-Tos
  4. Admin
  5. mms (Multimedia Section)
  6. Tips & Trics
  7. Let’s Talk