I’ve configured and maintained over 100 UNIX-based servers over the years starting with Slackware Linux 2.0 back in 1995. Over all course of all the deployments I’ve become very biased about my operating systems. Linux clearly has a solid lead with desktop applications, but for server deployments and maintainability, I believe firmly in FreeBSD….

I’m not going to get into all of the other reasons I prefer using UNIX, because there are too many, but specifically for FreeBSD, these small things add up to big savings in administration time and less headaches. I try not to get too focused on one specific technology when evaluating an operating system. I try more to look specifically at where the savings are for me. I simply want the operating system to support what I’m trying to do in the least amount of time feasible and I believe FreeBSD does that for me. If you’re pragmatic and functional and are willing to learn a little UNIX, I highly recommend giving FreeBSD a try as your server operating system.

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