DesktopBSD weekly snapshots (dev)

The release cycle of DesktopBSD is rather slow, since the developers spend a lot of time making sure the release is almost bug-free. For those who are always excited about trying the latest and greatest features, DBSD provides now weekly snapshot ISOs. They are built every Saturday from the latest DesktopBSD Tools, the most recent FreeBSD 6-STABLE sources and an up-to-date ports collection. The ISO contains a live system that can be booted without installing first, an installer that copies the operating system to your hard disk and a large selection of packages for most of your every-day needs.

For now, the snapshots are only available for the AMD64 architecture, but i386 snapshots will soon folow. You can download the ISO files here.



  1. says

    I love DBSD 1.6 it really rocks, and very close to FreeBSD when it comes to adding packages or build the package the ports.

    Thank you for your

    awesome Blog!

    GO FreeBSD GO!

  2. says

    Snapshots for i386 is out now. I am using 20071128 snapshot and it’s working very good so far better than the other ones. I wonder if 2.0 beta will be

    based on FreeBSD 7.0.

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