Kris Kennaway from the FreeBSD project has created an interesting 37-page PDF showing some of the good things to come with FreeBSD 7.0. (including some much promising graphs!). Especially the speed of MySQL on a FreeBSD server is impressive. It now even beats Linux!

This is the table of contents:

Introducing FreeBSD 7.0

Part I: The SMPng project: A 7 year journey

  • Multi processor support, old and new: FreeBSD 4.x
  • Multi processor support, old and new: The SMPng project
  • SMPng and the Universal Development Model
  • SMPng, step 1: First, make it work; FreeBSD5.x
  • SMPng, step 2: Then make it work well; FreeBSD 6.x
  • SMPng, step 3: Then make it fast; FreeBSD7.0
  • A case study: SQL database performance
  • FreeBSD PostgreSQL performance: 5.5, 6.2 and 7.0
  • Performance of PostgreSQL
  • FreeBSD7.0: Scaling with varying number of CPUs
  • FreeBSD MySQL performance: 5.5, 6.2 and 7.0
  • Understanding MySQL performance
  • FreeBSD vs other operating systems: PostgreSQL
  • FreeBSD vs other operating systems: MySQL
  • Comments onother operating systems

Part II: New features debuting in FreeBSD7.0

  • Filesystem and storage subsystem changes
  • Storage subsystem changesNetwork stack changes
  • Network drivers
  • Wireless (802.11) ; much improved in 7.0
  • New CPU architectures
  • Security subsystems
  • User-level changes
  • Growth of FreeBSD Ports Collection
  • Performance
  • Other kernel changes
  • Developer tools/internals

Part III: What the future holds for FreeBSD

FreeBSD 7.0 brings FreeBSD back to the forefront of OS performance on modern hardware (it’s good to be back).

These and some other features can also be found on the “What’s cooking for FreeBSD 7 page