FreeNAS 0.686b1 Released

FreeNASToday the release of FreeNAS 0.686b1 has been anounced via the mailinglist. Version o.685RC2 has been skipped because all its improvements and fixes are also included in 0.686b1.

Download here

Majors changes:

  • Upgrade fusefs-ntfs to 1.1004.
  • Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.18.
  • Upgrade netbsd-iscsi (iscsi-target) to 20070925.
  • Refactor GEOM-Eli implementation + WebGUI. Now it is possible to add existing encrypted disks and change passwords for a encrypted disk.
  • Improve device detection for configuration storage when booting from LiveCD.
  • Update zoneinfo files.
  • Add ‘System/Packages’ WebGUI page to administrate packages (only available in ‘full’ install mode).
  • Add LDAP Authentication.
  • Add email status report.
  • Add ‘Status/Report’ WebGUI page to administrate email status report.
  • Upgrade iSCSI Target to version 20070925.
  • Update ‘iSCSI Target’ WebGUI + services. Now it is possible to expand existing targets and define RAID0 and RAID1 devices. It is also possible to use disk devices as extents.
  • Refactor complete user/group management (code, services & WebGUI).
  • Add scheduled reboot feature.
  • Add ‘System/Advanced/Cron’ WebGUI to administrate additional cron jobs.

  • Add new languages: Slovenian, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian and Norwegian Bokmal.
  • Add new SSH settings to WebGUI: Password authentication.
  • Add WOL patch for some NIC
  • Add ‘Hosts allow’ and ‘Hosts deny’ settings on Samba shares WebGUI page.
  • Add ‘chroot everyone’ setting on FTP WebGUI page.
  • Add ‘Home directory’ support in user management.
  • Refactor ‘System/Advanced/Startup’. Renamed to ‘System/Advanced/Command scripts’. Add ability to define scripts executed before system shutdown.
  • Add SNMP service support.
  • Upgrade Samba to 3.0.26a.
  • Permit to convert a ‘full’ release to an ’embedded’ (from the CDROM)
  • Add proxy support (WebGUI: ‘System/Advanced/Proxy’).
  • Add volume label support when formating disks.
  • Modified boot image file system parameter to support USB booting on a greater number of systems.

Minors changes:

  • Display used and available disk space as tooltip for mount points on system information (index.php) page.
  • Reduce number of virtual consoles to ttyv0 and ttyv1.
  • Display ‘MTU’ on interfaces status page.
  • Rename ‘Resume’ to ‘Keep all files’ option on FTP WebGUI page.
  • Use nano as default editor.
  • Remove Samba ‘ReadAhead’ setting because this is not supported on FreeBSD.
  • Refresh RAID information pages automatically every 5 seconds to display progress
  • Rename CIFS to CIFS/SMB for better understanding.
  • Upgrade dp.SyntaxHighlighter to 1.5.
  • Add attribute //samba/auxparam and //samba/share/auxparam to add auxiliary parameters.
  • Add ‘Auxiliary parameters’ field on CIFS/SMB page to manage auxiliary parameters.
  • Improve WebGUI workflow.
  • Add ability to define full path of Samba share, not only to choose from a list of defined mount points.
  • Add ability to mount a file system read-only.
  • Fix a bug when compiling FreeNAS on a FreeBSD 6.2 system with X11 installed.
  • Add wpa_supplicant binaries (actually not supported from the webgui).
  • Add ‘du’ tool.
  • Add Davicom DM910 USB Ethernet driver.
  • Update 3Ware drivers to
  • Customizable size for OS partition (1) in ‘full’ install mode.

Bug fixs:

  • Fix bug in Mount Point WebGUI page when using file system ‘CD/DVD’.
  • Fix bug when booting ‘full’ installation.
  • Cleanup /var/run during boot process, otherwise sysreboot.reqd won’t be removed.
  • Fix bug in /etc/rc.d/afpd script.
  • Fix bug in userdb generation. User administrator privilegs were not set correct after a reboot.
  • Add missing link /etc/exports -> /var/etc/exports.
  • Set //syslogd/nentries to 50 (by default) in config.xml if it is not set. Causes errors in status report.
  • Recyle bin setting was not stored when it was activated for a Samba share.
  • Handle special characters in config.xml (e.g. öäü).
  • Fix bug in Partition description was incorrect, ‘fstype’ was not set correct for partition ‘a’.

Source: FreeNAS Mailinglist

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