PC-BSD 1.4.1 has been released. These are the major changes:

  • Upgrades Compiz 0.5.2 to Compiz-Fusion 0.6.0
  • Switches from HPIJS to HPLIP for better printer / scanner support.
  • Adds extra screen savers with X-Screensaver package
  • Updates NVIDIA drivers to latest releases from NVIDIA.
  • Updates GTK / Pango libraries to latest in ports
  • Fixes some misc bugs with PBI Removal tool, and Network manager.
  • Fixes issue with “tar” extract error during install when using custom partitioning.
  • Switches ISO to LZMA compression, speeding up the install and reducing the size of the CD ISO image.
  • Fixed bug with some of doc files have unreadable permissions
  • Added anacron config into base system
  • Fixed bug starting the PCBSD Updater tool

The 1.4.1 ISO can be downloaded here and users of PC-BSD 1.4 can easily upgrade via “system update” or by downloading and installing this PBI.