DS BSD, The pocket sized BSD

headerimage.jpgOn the first of December 2007 a very tiny FreeBSD-based flavour was launched: D*mn Small BSD (DSBSD). It’s weighing in only under 50mb and comes with a Fluxbox desktop.

There are many Linux distros like this, the most popular distro being D*mn Small Linux (DSL Linux). This must have been the inspiration for Damn Small BSD

Damn Small BSD is a small (50mb or less) FreeBSD live-CD desktop environment geared toward developers and system administrators, but we also include applications that the average user may find handy.

DSBSD comes with everything you need in a basic desktop environment. We include the fluxbox window manager, firefox, xmms, and many other applications. We also include tools to help you get work done, such as an ssh server, a mini httpd, xvncviewer, and more.

The goal of the DSBSD project is to provide a FreeBSD based disto that is able to run on both older hardware with little memory, as well as modern machines, while providing a responsive desktop. SMP and uniprocessor machines are supported and support for more architectures may be provided in the future.

Development is still in a very early initial stage, so there’s no official release yet.

First pilot, 0.1P1, has been released. This is merely a test of concepts, rather than a real ‘preview’ of what D*mnSmall BSD is. This version doesn’t include any X system yet or any of the goals listed on the website.


  1. David says

    Help !! i

    am stack !! please publish how to copy the DSBSD in usb drive and how to run !!

    David :-)


  1. […] DamnSmall BSD nace sin una relaciĆ³n directa aunque inspirado por DamnSmall Linux. Es un sistema basado en FreeBSD

    enfocado principalmente a programadores y administradores de sistemas, incluyendo software como vnc y servidores ssh o httpd. En cualquier caso incluye

    Fluxbox con Firefox o Xmms que permite tener en ordenadores poco potentes un escritorio utilizable. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URL

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