One of FreeBSD’s most active ports committers, Martin Wilke, is in desperate need of a break; away from computers and  human beings. Alaska doesn’t sound too bad a place for it. If you appreciate his work, please consider giving a donation to recharge his mental batteries and to carry on with his FreeBSD commitments in the new year.

I’m ready for a holiday. I have no motivation at the moment and it’s hard to stand up in the morning to see the pain in Germany.

I want to do a 14 day trip to Alaska, away from human civilisation. The problem is that everyone whom I told this laughed at me and they are thinking I’m mad. I am not! Anywhere you go there is tourism.

I would do it alone without wife, children and computers. Just enjoying some free time without any stress *dream*. If someone would sponsor me 2000 euro I would be very happy. The flight is about 1500 Euro for 2 weeks with about 28 hours flight time and 8600 km away from everything.

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