FreeBSD LogoPinderkent has made a nice summary of why FreeBSD 7.0 release is something to look forward to:

A few weeks back, at the end of December, FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 was released. FreeBSD 7 will no doubt prove to be quite revolutionary. For one thing, this will be the first major FreeBSD release in a number of years. FreeBSD 6.0 was released in November of 2005, so there has been quite some time for the development of FreeBSD 7 to take place.

If you’re unfamiliar with what FreeBSD 7 will bring, I’d suggest that you look over the excellent What’s cooking for FreeBSD 7? Web page. As you can see, the amount of change FreeBSD 7 will bring is quite significant.

He goes on to mention

  • ZFS – Zetabyte File System ported from Sun Solaris
  • the new jemalloc userland memory allocator
  • improvements to the network stack
  • security enhancements, improved audio support, new SCHED_ULE replacement and
  • better support for linux binaries ,

and the article concludes with

It’s time for those of us in the IT profession to start considering the use of FreeBSD 7. The new features and improvements offered by this release will no doubt have a great impact for many of us. We will be getting better support for storing huge amounts of data, networking performance improvements to help us better transmit that data, and userland performance improvements to better let us manipulate it.

Note: bold by me. Whole article can be found here.