Ham amateur radioHamFreeSBIE is a live CD based on FreeSBIE and contains utilities specifically tailored to fit the needs of amateur radio operators. HamFreeSBIE is developed and maintained since February 2007 by Diane Bruce, a well-known FreeBSD developer.

Diane has created a presentation that gives a great introduction into the various available ham utilities (incl screenshots & descriptions). She has also assisted in the creation of the Hamradio ports category and has become the maintainer of over 20 of the hamradio ports.

I am not familiar with amateur radio myself, but what I like about this little project is that the open code and the flexibility of FreeBSD enables an enthusiast to adapt FreeBSD/FreeSBIE to the needs of a specific group of hobbyists.

If you’re interested in radios in general and amateur radios in particular, download the CD, give it a whirl and let me and Diane know what you think of it.