BSD Magazine – it’s coming!

BSD Magazine LogoI blogged before that there were plans of creating a FreeBSD Magazine. Just to let you know that the first issue can be expected around April 2008. It won’t be just about FreeBSD, but also about other BSD OSses, incl. OpenBSD and NetBSD, hence the name BSD Magazine. The website is now live at If you want to contribute or find out more about BSD Magazine, visit the website or contact Kate or Caroline.

Dru Lavige, Jan Stedehouder and myself will be writing something for the 1st issue.


  1. says

    They really should have the site a bit more together before they announce this great magazine. The email addresses listed

    for contact bounced and if you go to the subscription area it links to a site to subscribe to a linux magazine.

    I’d love to subscribe just tell me how


  2. Katarzyna says


    Firstly, thank you very much for your interest in BSD-focused publication.

    Please accept my apologises for that difficulties. We had some IT

    problems but, fortunately, everything works well now and I am waiting for your emails :)


  3. marc says

    Hey, hey … calm

    down. It will be released, so there`s no need to rush ;)
    Those girls are polish, as well as I am, so … well, let`s say they are going to make it a little

    later than it was expected at the start.

  4. marc says

    Oh … I haven`t

    red your post, Kate …
    It`s good that there is a *BSD-oriented MAG, but tell me – is it just FreeBSD specific zine, or other BSDs as well?


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