FreeBSD 7.0-RC3 released

The availability of the third release candidate for FreeBSD 7.0 has been announced today.

freebsdWe’re doing a ‘mini-RC3′ to encourage testing of the Highpoint driver (hptrr) backout. Testing of 7.0-RC2 showed there were problems with the driver update done between RC1 and RC2. Because it’s a ‘mini-RC’ targeted at testing of one particular thing we have not bothered with setting up FreeBSD Update. You can use the normal cvsup-and-build method of doing an update for machines that are already up and running (branch tag RELENG_7_0) or install from scratch using the ISOs available on the FTP sites. If those who experienced problems related to the hptrr driver update could let us know one way or another whether or not you are still having problems with it that would be appreciated.

Here is the brief release announcement.


  1. Eric says

    Yup have

    it now and works even better than RC2. For some reason they aren’t releasing torrents themselves on their own torrent tracker Instead i actually made them myself and put them on linuxtracker and isohunt. But i REALLY hope they start updating their

    torrent tracker. Torrents are a methodology it is integrated into my very personality and way of life:)


    honestly don’t want to make them myself but someone has to, and it really SHOULD be them lol ;)

    I’m quite excited for 7.0-RELEASE iso’s since that is

    going to be 1 hell of a rampaging flood of information.

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