FreeBSD KDE4 status update

Martin Wilke has been working hard to get KDE4 working on FreeBSD. He got KDE4 to build/work well but it’s not yet ready for production environments. The complete KDE4 4.0.1 (without i18n) distribution is now in the test tree. He’s working on the co-existence with KDE3 to make sure that both KDE3 and KDE4 can be installed together on the same system.

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More FreeBSD KDE4 screenshots


  1. Eric says


    hello, I’ve attempted to give KDE4 a shot in the Linux side of the fence and it it much too unstable for my taste. I haven’t tried KDE4 in about 2 weeks

    so I cannot speak of progress since, but it makes me feel great that KDE4 on BSD is actually being worked on and succeeding and looking better on Linux

    machines i must say. Linux packages are far too diverse, but the FreeBSD development model for KDE4 is the perfect marriage of bleeding edge technology and

    finding a stable operation, giving the wonderfully smooth operation. I want to give KDE4 a shot on a virtual machine if i can figure out which VM/jail works

    best for a decent separate environment.

    Here are his updated screen shots directory:

    Thank you for the status update



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