FreeBSD 7.0 DVDs

Eric A. emailed me yesterday saying he was creating a FreeBSD 7.0 DVD since the installation was quite cumbersome when he had to juggle CDs constantly. His DVD combines the 4 CDs into 1 bootable installation DVD ISO image which is now available on bittorrent:

Today I Dru Lavigne wrote that she has done the same (independently). On her blog she describes how to make a FreeBSD 7.0 DVD ISO yourself. It’s up to you: have some fun creating your own ISO or go to bittorrent and download Eric’s ISO.

It would be nice if the FreeBSD developers would release future versions as DVD ISO too. Just a humble request to any FBSD developer is reading this ;-)


  1. Eric says


    there, awesome article, by now my torrents are finally getting more seeder than just me, and becoming quite active, it’s actually been in quite unexpected

    demand!! :D I am just one more guy that is now in the phase of wanting to give something back to the open source community after taking and sharing and

    being involved with it for long enough.

    Great article, hopefully some FreeBSD 7.0 reviews will start popping up soon by people who know HOW to use it from

    sysinstall to BAMP(server).

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