The Open Source community united

I really like this picture that I stumbled upon last week.

I can see Tux, Beastie, Duke, Mozilla, OpenBSD, R. Stallman, GTK, Java,, GNU, Java, Apache. I don’t recognise the person between GNU and R. Stallman, neither am I sure what the camel is supposed to represent. If I’ve missed out any, let me know in the comments below.


  1. David says

    The camel is

    Perl, the calendar is Evolution..the other block is for X, the cup with the brushes is the Gimp, and Gnome for a tablecloth.. the more I look the more I

    find.. nice. Can’t tell if there is something out the window..

  2. Landry says

    The camel is here for

    perl, and the calendar sign is here for evolution i suppose. And you forgot, just besides GTK :)

  3. probonogeek says

    What about the fish with the pitchfork… I figured out all the rest before reading the comments, but heck if I can identify the fish!

  4. foo says

    Everyone forgets ESR cus open source isn’t relevant any more. Free software is though.

  5. Aparna says

    No one has seen the APACHE feather in that cup with the brushes.
    and sugar cubes can be SUGAR Desktop..!!!!!

  6. Jon N. says

    About the Mozilla Mascot: Mozilla was the mascot of the now-disbanded Netscape Communications Corporation, formerly called Mosaic Communications Corporation. Initially, the mascot took various forms, including that of a helmeted astronaut or “spaceman”, but the eventual choice was a Godzilla-like lizard thought to go well with the Godzilla-like name. It was designed by Dave Titus in 1994.

    Mozilla was featured prominently on Netscape’s website in the company’s early years. However, the need to project a more “professional” image (especially towards corporate clients) led to it being removed. Mozilla continued to be used inside Netscape, though, often featuring on T-shirts given to staff or on artwork adorning the walls of the Netscape campus in Mountain View.

    When Netscape acquired the website directory NewHoo in 1998, they rebranded it the Open Directory Project with the nickname “dmoz” (Directory of Mozilla) due to its similarity to the Mozilla project. An image of Mozilla was placed on every page of the site, which remains the case today, despite Netscape’s disbanding after its acquisition by AOL.

    I still like it! It reminds me of my first experiences with open source software, and that there are better, FREE alternatives to the Windoze Tzars!

    I <3 my Ubuntu 8.10, Firefox 3, & Thunderbird w/Lightning!

    All The Best,

    Jon N.


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