PC-BSD LogoThe PC-BSD Team is happy to announce the availability of PC-BSD 1.5 Edison. Some of the highlights of this version are:

  • Xorg 7.3
  • KDE 3.5.8
  • Based on FreeBSD 6.3 release (next version will be based on 7.0)
  • NEW System Updater tool – Keeps system & PBIs up to date – Allows override variables, so admins can use their own mirrors / servers to roll out updates to users.
  • Improvements to WiFi tool, BSSID support and better SSID support
  • Improvements to the PBI Removal tool – Remove a list of PBIs at a time
  • NEW sound detection program! Uses XML backend to identify and load modules
  • NEW amd64 build of 1.5, including PBI that are on our auto-build server
  • NEW PBI icon preview library, now a PBI file shows the icon embedded in it on your desktop, not the generic “PBI” format icon

PC-BSD is a complete desktop operating system, designed with the “casual” computer user and offers the stability and security that only a BSD-based operating system bring.

This release is now available to be downloaded from mirrors around the world. Additionally for users who are running PC-BSD 1.4 or 1,3, a installable update will be released in the next few days which migrates a system to version 1.5. Please watch www.pcbsd.org for more information!