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Zimbra logo - zimbra ported to freebsd petitionWould you like to see Zimbra ported to FreeBSD? Zimbra is a next generation, open source messaging and collaboration suite.

If you like me would love to use Zimbra on FreeBSD, please sign the petition and let’s encourage Yahoo to port this to FreeBSD.

Zimbra, a Yahoo! company, is the leader in open source, next-generation messaging and collaboration software. We built Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) with the belief existing email and calendaring solutions are broken- the result is an innovative experience for end-users and system administrators.

ZCS integrates your entire organization. We emphasize compatibility with today’s diverse desktop and application environments. This means, for instance, desktop users in Outlook can share their calendar with peers who use Apple iCal or Zimbra Desktop on Linux.

ZCS streamlines your workflow and saves time. Our browser-based AJAX client delivers a richer experience with a message conversation view and visual search builder that makes multi-gigabyte inboxes easier to use. We also integrate 3rd party applications as “mash-ups” via web services so you can view CRM data, maps, or anything else without leaving the context of a message.

ZCS uses open technology. The Zimbra Server is built with open technology and runs on Linux and Mac OS X; think of it as your open source Exchange alternative. The Open Source Edition is free, we also offer a Network Edition with Zimbra support

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  1. says

    I want to try zimbra, I’m a freebsd boy, who try puch this OS inside the company, I have 3 servers already on production with freebsd 6.x and 7.x, but really will be good to have this beautiful program in freebsd ports.

    This will give to freebsd even more respect, thanks!!!

  2. rjg says

    me 2 me 2 .. I also will put my hand up for Zimbra on FreeBSD .. I have no interest in Linux beyond the possibility of running it virtualized for Zimbra plus another linux only app. So please do not force me down the virtual road and release a native port ..

  3. Joe Martin says

    It would really be nice if there was a freebsd port for Zimbra, all my servers are Freebsd and I have about 49 servers… Isn’t Yahoo running on Freebsd? how come they haven’t made a port for freebsd?

  4. says

    Just build your own mailserver on BSD with the same components! I DID IT ON OPENBSD! (RUNNING NICE, with no errors since startup!)

  5. simon says

    we need zimbra ob freebsd so desperately! Apparently it has been ported to openbsd (unofficial) …

  6. says

    I have several customers with FreeBSD Servers, and postfix with squirrelmail solutions and jabber, but I really need zimbra port on FreeBSD am planning to migrate to it as soon as possible!

    greetings from Merida, Yucatán Mexico.

  7. Pascal S. Clermont says

    Totally agree, zimbra is a very nice suite, a port to freebsd would be great!

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