– what’s happening? has been down for a few weeks now. Does anybody know the reason and if we’re going to see the site online again?

Is it just a matter of upgrading the website or has the service gone down for good?

3 thoughts on “ – what’s happening?

  1. anomie says:


    question. It has been down so long I’ve removed it from my bookmarks. A whois shows the administrative contact as: hostmaster at daemonnews dot org. (But I

    have not contacted them.)

  2. Evan says:

    At first glance, it appears as though the site may have been hacked.

    The passwords appear to have been hacked by someone claiming to be

    “eagle” and he (assuming “he”) posted the information to on 3/26/08. See here; He claims to have 5498 accounts. He also uploaded two text files to the site

    containing account information.

    Interesting. If we believe “eagle”, he exploited code in the file bottom.php3.

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