Innotek looking for FreeBSD devs

virtual box for freebsdInnotek, developer of the virtualisation software VirtualBox, which was recently acquired by Sun, is looking for developers to help porting this promising product to FreeBSD

Very basic porting work has been done on a voluntary basis by one of my colleagues. We actually hope some developers from the FreeBSD community will pick up where we left off and complete the port.

If interested, there is a developer’s mailing list, IRC channel and forums for any questions – check out the community page.

3 thoughts on “Innotek looking for FreeBSD devs

  1. Vitaliy says:

    When I read this I got all excited thinking that Sun is actively looking for developers to port VirtualBox to FreeBSD. It is just a thread that

    has not been active in almost a year, and based on posts on FreeBSD list it’s a major hackjob. :(

  2. rod says:

    I was really

    excited about it too because the virtualisation support for FreeBSD is otherwise seriously lagging compared to pretty much any Unix, MacOSx, and Linux, if

    we’re honest about it. Obviously a very low priority for FreeBSD. NetBSB is better on this, having Xen support.

    It would be great to see a VirtualBox

    port come along.

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