PC-BSD version 1.5.1 is now available for download as both ISO and updates from version 1.5. This version provides updates to the default port set, as well as numerous bug fixes to the system tools & utilities.

Also, additional translations have been added to provide a more complete localized experience. Users currently running 1.5 may download a standalone PBI patch, or may simply check for updates via the System Update tool.

1.5.1 changelog:

  • Bugfixes to the PBI removal tool – Removes /Programs/<ProgDir> consistently now.
  • Added detection for NFE / MSK networking cards on install CD
  • Added GutenPrint support for additional print drivers
  • Added additional fonts to Xorg
  • Updated the PolicyKit configuration for latest HAL improvements
  • Fixed SMP support in default kernel configuration
  • Bugfixes to the new SystemUpdater tool – Download more than 4 patches without a failure.
  • Fixes to the wifi config GUI, works properly with extra-long SSID names
  • Added Lipstik theme to root profile for consistent UI experience.
  • Updated the installed ports to latest as of 4-16-08.
  • Updated i18n support to latest from 4-14-08
  • Updated Quick-Guide, including PDF version.