Over the last few days I’ve made a few layout changes to the blog. I’ve added darkgrey sides, made the subject lines stand out more (bold and a line underneath), added a lightgrey background colour to the side panel and a (dark grey) background to side panel headers.

There’s still one thing I’d like to change: the dark red top header background. I want to use the background of the FreeBSD logo (below) as the background , but I don’t know how to create it myself.

I’ve emailed the FreeBSD logo creator, Anton Gural, if he still had the background but he hasn’t come back to me. I’ve tried to increase the image seize in Gimpshop but the image gets too grainy then :-(

FreeBSD logo - the Power to Serve

Are there any artists among my readers who’d be willing to recreate the same background (950x200px) for me?

What do you think of the new blog layout? Has the page become clearer and visually more attractive? Please let me know if there are any things you like to see changed.