PC-BSD 7.0 Alpha – ready for testing

Yes, you’re reading the title right. PC-BSD 7.0 is coming and this version has been named 7.0 on purpose.

We will be changing our versioning scheme to correspond with FreeBSD, thus PC-BSD 7.0 will be based off of FreeBSD 7.0, PC-BSD 7.1 on FreeBSD 7.1, and so forth. This should help make it obvious as to what version of BSD we are running, and keep us more in line with FreeBSD itself. This should also make it clear that we’re tracking all FreeBSD releases and have no intention to fork or break away from this great operating system.

An early test release of PC-BSD 7.0, which is based on the FreeBSD 7.0 release, has been uploaded for test purposes.

Please note that this release is an ALPHA, which means it is NOT feature complete yet, and should only be used for early testing. Also: most PBI’s will NOT work on it, since all the legacy library support from FreeBSD 6 hasn’t been implemented yet.

If you are able to test this release, please let us have your feedback (gerard at@ pcbsd dot. org or core at@ lists dot. pcbsd dot. org). At this moment we’re most interested in feedback as to hardware support or installation problems, i.e. if there is something that works in FreeBSD 7.0, but does not appear to be working in PC-BSD, please let us know so we can get it fixed.

File Download: ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-isos/i386/PCBSD7-Alpha-x86-Thu.iso

MD5: e0d20b8ca06175a8d28a864da7b495d9

Many thanks for your help in testing!


  1. mich says

    I am actually

    looking forward to install pcbsd.

    Only problem is I’,m using a usb wireless dongle utilising the rt73 chipset. The last check pcbsd does not support

    it :(

    If you can help to point me to the right direction (or maybe PCBSD supports the rt73 driver, I am more that happy to reformat my desktop and cut

    out a primary partition for PCBSD :D

    Hope there’s good news from you

  2. Pedro says

    I tested

    PC-BSD7 and, just as the previous versions, it does not install my printer, a USB HP-COlor-Laserjet 2840. The kernel does not even see the printer,

    regardless of the drivers being installed or not.
    It is very frustrating because I want to use PC-BSD but without being able to print, it does not make much

    sense to use it.


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