Since was hacked a lot of traffic has come to my site. Looking at the logs many people  googling for “FreeBSD news” or “BSD news” ended up on my site.

After all these months is still not back up. I’ve therefore created a new domain: , which is easier to remember than I was hoping to buy, but the owner of that domain has been ignoring my emails so far.

If you’re using Feedburner for your RSS feeds, there’s no need to change anything; I’ll point feedburner to now. However, if you’re RSS reader is subscribed to you will need to update this/resubscribe to

If you made use of in the past to release news about (your) FreeBSD products (hardward & software), you’re welcome to email them to me now and I’ll put them on my site.

Apologies for not posting frequently but I’ve been working behind the scenes ;-)