Firefox 3 for FreeBSD

firefox logoMozilla Firefox 3 is now available for FreeBSD.

Firefox is an award winning, free, open-source web browser for many platforms and is based on the Mozilla codebase. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advanced features:

  • Popup Blocking
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Live Bookmarks (ie. RSS)
  • Extensions
  • Theme
  • FastFind
  • Improved Security

To install Firefox3 from the commandline in FreeBSD, PC-BSD or DesktopBSD enter:

portsnap fetch extract (if this is the first time you're using portsnap)
portsnap fetch update
cd /usr/ports/www/firefox3 && make install clean


  1. Hung Nguyen says

    Hi, may be stupid when ask u this error:
    when i install firefox3 with your instruction (as Firefox 3 for FreeBSD topic) but when run command: cd /usr/ports/www/firefox3 && make install clean , i saw an error: firefox-3.0-source.tar.bz2 donesn’t seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
    but i list this directory, firefox-3.0-source.tar.bz2 is existing. could u please show me the way to solve this problem to install firefox 3 on my FreeBSD box.

  2. Craig says

    Been making the transition from win2k & xp boxen to DesktopBSD for our lan. For whatever reason, the FF3 package available through DBSD would just hang. I don’t have the time for troubleshooting right now so, was looking for a workaround instead. Who knew that the workaround would be to compile the proggy?

    Came across your post & decided “why not?” So I uninstalled the packaged version & followed your posted instructions. Worked like a charm… posting from it right now.

    Gerard: Thank you very much for the website & this post.


    p.s. For those of us not using PC-BSD, here’s a link with instructions for how to incorporate Flash v7 into FF3 on FreeBSD. I haven’t tried it so… caveat emptor:

  3. says

    a note for others:
    as of right now, im setting up a FreeBSD box, and after install, (7.0) one of the first ports i installed was gnome2. It errored out on trying to patch firefox2, so from here, im going to update my ports, (portsnap fetch extract, etc..) and then install firefox3, and then restart gnome2 .. the bottom line is if your ports failing, update your ports! they seem to hang when you have really old versions of other programs laying around.
    Good luck.


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