Status update for KDE4 on FreeBSD & PC-BSD

KDE4.1 on FreeBSD

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There’s been quite a bit of noise recently about the usefulnes of KDE4, its inferiority compared to 3.5, and some are even suggesting to fork KDE4. However, Martin Wilke is in the meanwhile doing a great job porting KDE4 to FreeBSD.

Read the latest status update about the progress (incl screenshots).

Kris Moore from the PC-BSD project is now assisting with the porting of KDE4 to FreeBSD. Alpha versions of PC-BSD7 with KDE4 can be downloaded here. Please help us with the testing, and remember this is still so called alpha quality.


  1. rick says

    It’s the same old adage,
    Mr. Apple Jobs probably says: “we own *BSD and KDE*, and we already forked it, NOW GO AWAY !”
    sadly, he thinks it’s true, and similarly so does KDE4 :(

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