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Ads and donations

You will probably have noticed that I’ve put Google ads on the website in an attempt to recoup some of the costs associated with running this website.  As I don’t have the time to configure / administer a web server myself and I don’t trust my broadband connection to be 100% reliable, this FreeBSD News blog is hosted by a commercial web hosting site, which is costing money, obviously.

I don’t plan to get rich from the ads, but rather, I wish to break even. However, in case I receive enough financial support from ads and/or donations to cover the he costs associated with running this website, I am going to

  • remove the Google ads from my site, and
  • offer additional services. One of the extra services I’m planning to set up is a free CD/DVD request service. Readers with a slow internet connection or a capped bandwidth account can request from me a CD or DVD of FreeBSD or any FreeBSD based operating systems FREE of charge.

Please add your comments below about the ads. Do you object to them in principle, do you ignore them or do you think they’re complimenting the contents?

Do you like this website and do you want to see it grow and expand? Please consider making a donation.


  1. says

    For the first, let me tell you many thanks you are blogging this website!!!

    I want to say, that your blog is perfect and interesting for me!!! And i am look for news and usefull articles here every day. So i’d like to emphasize that i want to see it grow and expand!

    Now about google ads. I do not object to them, becouse i usually read news, not ads ;-) So they do not bother me…

    With best wishes, abaza!!!

    Russia, YANAO, town Gubkinsky.

  2. says

    I don’t object to ads. And, I don’t think you really need to worry about people who do object. (Aren’t they usually angry, GPL fanatics anyway? :) ) … I’d even go so far to say that you shouldn’t bother taking them off when you’re breaking even (and maybe putting them back on when you’re not). They’re small and unobtrusive. Not a big deal.

    Now, this CD/DVD service is a very exciting idea. I was a little surprised some time ago to find out from a friend that Ubuntu has a free CD subscription service (?). Every time there’s an update, they mail out CD’s. I guess we don’t have a super-rich, sugar daddy like Ubuntu to make that happen, but a free-by-request CD/DVD service is a very, very good idea that I think the whole FreeBSD community could get behind. We should get to work on this ASAP!

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