FreeBSD embedded systems

Talking about FreeBSD as an embedded operating system, did you know there are quite a few devices out there that use FreeBSD inside?

A variety of products are directly or indirectly based on FreeBSD. For instance, Juniper Networks routers (JUNOS), Ironport network security appliances (AsyncOS), Nokia’s firewall operating system (IPSO), NetApp’s OnTap GX, Panasas’s and Isilon Systems‘s cluster storage operating systems, NetASQ security appliances and St Bernard iPrism web filtering appliance.

If you’re aware of any more FreeBSD based appliances, please let us all know in the comments.


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    Usually I’m advocating *BSD, so there is Google Android with libc and userland of NetBSD/OpenBSD, there are lot of ALIX-devices with *BSD on it, there is VxWorx (based on BSD), there is the iPhone/iPod Touch with Mac OS X on it, heavily based on FreeBSD.

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    Symmetericom produces a number of high precision time and frequency recovery, measurement and distribution machines. Some of these machines, from the old Timing Solutions company products, have FreeBSD embedded in them. These are used for measuring atomic clocks at various nation labs, to monitoring GPS signals to keep the network in tune to a system to recover time from GPS and keep digital video/digital audio broadcast signals in sync.

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