From the July 2008 FreeBSD Foundation newsletter:

  • Letter From the Vice President
  • Fundraising Update
  • Java 1.6 available for FreeBSD 7.0 and 6.3
  • NetApp Filer donation
  • BSD Certification Project
  • Accepting Project Proposals
  • AsiaBSDCon 2008
  • BSDCan 2008
  • BSDCan Developer Summit
  • 2008 Grant and Travel Grant Recipients
  • FreeBSD Testimonial from Juniper
  • Board of Directors Update
  • Financials

Letter From the Vice President

Fundraising Update

We are pleased to report, we have raised $38,738 so far this year. We would like to thank everyone who has donated to the foundation! Last year this time we had already raised $140,955. Our 2008 goal is $300,000. With the 2007 donations we were able to fund the Java project, sponsor conferences and developer travel to these conferences in 2008. Some of the funding went to providing legal counsel to help the core team create a GPLv3 License Policy. Our successful 2007 fundraising has allowed us to go to the community and ask for project proposals. We hope to fund more projects in the future that will help improve FreeB

Java 1.6 Available for FreeBSD 7.0 and 6.3

We are pleased to announce the availability of Java binaries for FreeBSD 6.3 and 7.0! This was only made possible by your donations. Moving forward we hope to keep the binaries up-to-date with Sun updates by using a volunteer from the FreeBSD Java Project. Here is a short note from Greg Lewis of the FreeBSD Java Project.

NetApp Filer Donation

NetApp donated one of their NetApp FAS2020 Filer storage systems with 12 300GB SAS and 14 1TB SATA disks to The FreeBSD Foundation. The Filer will be used primarily for storing off-site backups from the many servers the FreeBSD Project operates for project infrastructure all over the world. The new off-site backup setup is part of the FreeBSD Project’s contingency plan to better handle all the situations which hopefully will never happen!

BSD Certification Project

Every year we allocate a portion of our funds to help improve FreeBSD and support the project and community. One project we helped was the BSD Certification Group. We asked one of the volunteers on the project to write a short article on how the FreeBSD project and community benefited by having the foundation provide some of their funding. Here is the article contributed by Jim Brown.

Accepting Project Proposals

The foundation is soliciting the submission of proposals for work relating to any of the major subsystems or infrastructure within the FreeBSD operating system. A budget of $80,000 was allocated for 2008 to fund multiple development projects. Proposals will be evaluated based on desirability, technical merit and cost-effectiveness.

Click here to find out about the proposal process. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 15, 2008. please send the proposals to board at freebsdfoundation dot org.

AsiaBSDCon 2008

The foundation was one of the primary sponsors of AsiaBSDCon 2008, which was held in Tokyo, Japan, March 2008. This was the third international conference on BSD operating systems in Asian countries. These conferences are essential for our community and we continue to support them and provide places for face-to-face discussion among FreeBSD users and developers to promote their promising activities.

BSDCan 2008

The foundation was pleased to be a sponsor of BSDCan again. This is the one conference where most of our board members are able to attend. This was a great opportunity for us to meet with FreeBSD developers and talk one-on-one. Not only did we discuss different projects with developers, it also gave us the chance to meet with various representatives from groups like marketing and documentation.

BSDCan Developer Summit

The Foundation was proud to sponsor the BSDCan FreeBSD Developer Summit again this year. The Developer Summit proved to be, as always, a great success, bringing together the FreeBSD developer community to discuss on-going projects, plans for the future, and more. With over eighty attendees, around half current committers, and the other half guests from companies using FreeBSD, summer of code students, or third-party contributors, it was also our best attended developer summit to date.

Presentations included power management (GreenBSD), a new system installer, TCP/http support for pxeboot, an update on embedded FreeBSD, the new tty layer, the new NFS lock manager, an update on the Foundation, the FreeBSD ports collection, SMP scalability for TCP, and the transition to Subversion. Afternoon BoFs and hacking sessions included the network stack, profiling and debugging tools, network stack virtualization, bug management, release packaging, lower power operation, the system console, a hands-on Coverity Extend tutorial, TrustedBSD, file system and buffer cache, embedded, and an 802.11 tutorial. Work continued into the evening with FreeBSD hacking lounges.

2008 Grant and Travel Grant Recipients

Every year we sponsor FreeBSD related conferences, projects, and developer travel. We believe that BSD-centered and FreeBSD-specific conferences play critical roles in expanding the FreeBSD user community and supporting collaborative development. Our grants may be for something as little as performance software to large projects like Java 1.6 on FreeBSD 7.0.

FreeBSD Testimonial from Juniper

Juniper offers high-performance network infrastructure powered by JUNOS (TM) software, one network operating system that integrates routing, switching, security and network services. FreeBSD serves as the basis of JUNOS software, providing many of the essential operating system services of the UNIX-based system. Today, JUNOS software runs on a broad portfolio of Juniper products designed for the diverse and demanding needs of converged networks, from small offices to the largest TeraPop sites in the world.

Juniper benefits from the powerful collaboration between leading universities, individuals, and commercial organizations developing FreeBSD to advance the operating system functionality. The FreeBSD release system provides Juniper with a roadmap for features and a stable base for our code, while its practical licensing enables Juniper to develop intellectual property for advancing high-performance networking. Juniper employs many active FreeBSD developers that continually contribute to the FreeBSD project to further its development as a leading operating system.

Board of Directors Update

The board of directors held its annual meeting May 16 in Ottawa, Canada. The main purpose of the meeting was to elect directors and officers. All the current directors were re-elected. This includes Jonathan Bresler, Justin Gibbs, Deb Goodkin, Sam Leffler, Paul Saab, and Robert Watson. The current officers were also re-elected at this meeting. The officers are Robert Watson, President, Justin Gibbs, Vice President, and Deb Goodkin, Secretary/Treasurer.

In the last year the directors have discussed adding another director in an area that wasn’t already represented. We decided that we needed representation in Asia. After talking to a few FreeBSD developers we decided to ask Hiroki Sato to join our board. We are very pleased to report that he accepted and we added him to the board of directors at our annual board meeting.


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