Setting up LAMP on FreeBSD (howto)

Referring to “LAMP” with regards to FreeBSD doesn’t make sense, but anyway, that’s how the author titled this howto “Setting up LAMP on FreeBSD“.

I’m not complaining, it’s always nice to see FreeBSD related article on ;-)

Setting up a LAMP server is a common task for systems administrators, and FreeBSD is one of the most reliable and stable operating systems available. You can swap out the L in LAMP with F for FreeBSD to build a fast and reliable Web server.

In this article I assume FreeBSD is already installed. If not, make sure you download the latest stable production version of FreeBSD and run the installer. I recommend choosing the MINIMUM option at the installer screen to quickly install only the most basic and necessary things.

To install applications on FreeBSD, use the ports files. Ports are plain text files that know where to download source code, so that the software will be compiled on your computer. This way you can change settings (including or excluding specific modules) as you want, and the software will fit perfectly to the specifications of your computer. First, you have to make sure that the latest ports files are installed. If you’ve never installed the ports, issue portsnap fetch extract in the shell; otherwise, issue portsnap fetch update. This will download the latest ports files. After a bunch of messages that show you what files have been downloaded, you’re ready to go.


Source: (31/07/2008)


  1. Cae says

    Any recommendations of good “FAMP” :D articles, that goes a little more, mor ethen just how to install?

    Howto on installing is good, a little more in depth on configuring PHP, Apache and MySQL will definitely benefit more , for those who are new (like me) to FreeBSD and trying to get it setup at HOME.

    Or maybe you are feeling to urge to write-up something yourself :D

  2. says

    There’s really not any “little more” for configuring Apache. Apache configuration is a big pain. I been using lighttpd at home instead of Apache and I’m very happy with it.

    Which gets to the point that every piece of SW that’s a letter in LAMP is swappable. I think a good combination would be BLPP for BSD/lighttpd/Postgres/P*. The DB may be the toughest thing to swap out, though. If you kept Mysql, you’d have BLMP, a “BLiMP” (zeppelin). … But, a really good and fast one. :)

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