PCBSD 7.0 Fibonacci alpha2 (video)

This video gives a quick impression of the new look-n-feel of the upcoming PC-BSD 7 Fibonacci (due September 2008)/

What do you think of it? Please let me know in the comments below?

8 thoughts on “PCBSD 7.0 Fibonacci alpha2 (video)

  1. Wyverex says:

    It looks very Windows-like (XP shutdown, Vista Start Menu and coloring); and that’s not a bad thing. People like to feel familiar to something.
    I know that most of that comes from KDE4 look and feel, but that doesn’t matter… what matters is that it’s nice and familiar :)
    (and let’s not forget that software under KDE is organised in so much better way than in Win :D )

  2. FreeBSD Server User says:

    Very Windows XP-ish but i like the overall look. Im an Ubuntu Desktop user but I used FreeBSD for servers. Fibonacci maybe well the reason i will switch to KDE/BSD type desktop.


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  4. kace says:


    @dum8d0g: linux-flashplugin7 can be made to work. Also, try swfdec. I’m using it now (under FBSD7/FF2) and it’s working great.

  5. Wyverex says:

    @dum8d0g: you can use WINE + a Windows version of some browser + Windows flash plugin
    not the best solution, but it works under every BSD ;)

  6. Obsd says:

    Soooo kitchy!

    I’d rather prefer the Vista’s theme, and believe me, a lot is needed to make me saying that! :)

    Well, this is the second effect of OpenSource, firstly intimidating for the noob, secondly transvestite. (it reminds me Debian and Ubuntu )

    But why not…

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