LinuxWorld thinks Beastie is cool

Dru Lavigne reports that BSD users have known for a long time that Beastie is pretty cool.

According to a poll held at last week’s LinuxWorld, Beastie is far cooler than Tux, by a margin of 31.6% to 6.6%. Now we just have to work on being cooler than the firefox mascot…

Perhaps the Beastie babes had something to do with the results.

Personally I’ve always liked the new FreeBSD logo over the mascot and hence I’ve not used it very often here. What do you guys think, should I put Beastie somewhere on this blog to make it look and feel more BSD? What do you think?

Should I put Beastie on this site?

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  1. heavensrevenge says

    You should have a bit more choice for this, either a conglomeration of ALL the *BSD logos, or at least give a choice between the new SVG FreeBSD Logo and the classic Daemon, etc. But either yes do this or not, is a bit to hasty in any case…. The new logo rocks harder anyway!

  2. Matt says

    I think new logo is much better and more professional then the mascot, but there will always be a place in my heart for Beastie.

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