FreeBSD flash player

According to Alex Bustin, an engineer of Flash development at Sony, there’s a 32-bit Flash player for FreeBSD.

I know that iXsystems, the corporate sponsor behind the PC-BSD project, is talking to/collaborating with Adobe on a FreeBSD version of Flash, but it would be great if this report is true. That would be at least be one less barrier for the adoption of FreeBSD as desktop operating system (including PC-BSD and DesktopBSD) ;-)


  1. says

    Just as Wyverex said: “although I hate flash, this is indeed great news :)”

    Gerard, could you please ask Matt or Kris (from PC-BSD of course) if they happen to have any further info on this subject?

    Thank you :)

  2. Gerard says

    The following is what I got back from somebody close the development of Flash for FreeBSD:

    “there’s absolutely a working version that one of the Flash Development Team compiled”

    It will probably take another couple of months before anything will be available publicly

  3. says

    This is excellent news indeed! The lack of Flash for FreeBSD is a major barrier for having FreeBSD as the primary desktop Operating System for many users. Is there any better ETA than several months, if this will be for real? I recently switched from FreeBSD 7.0 to Arch Linux due to 3 major reasons: (1) no Flash support, (2) poor Java availibility (not readily available in the normal repositories – only at FreeBSD Foundation), and (3) No support for virtualization as host (Dom0). Other than that, FreeBSD is an excellent desktop system for me. Unfortunately, the three items I listed are absolutely necessary to make it complete.

  4. Henry Hu says

    Good news! More and more websites are switching to Flash 9, and I know that Chinese support in Flash 9 is better than Flash 7, since it seems like that Flash 9 is using freetype.

  5. says

    Wow! I emailed adobe about a year ago or so concerning flash 9, and was told the their engineers were ‘working on it’. I was beginning to think after so much time it was just a reply to be left alone about the subject.
    Great news indeed!

  6. Wondering says

    Does it really take that long to port it over? Seems like should not if it is written in C I guess.

  7. says

    How much longer will I need to reach over to my Ubuntu box,
    to view content in what has become de-facto the way to present
    web based animations?

    Since Flash is so pervasive, and almost required to view almost all
    contemporary websites, why isn’t Adobe required to provide assistance
    for all platforms, in particular FreeBSD?

    Can you see that carrot dangling in front of that little red demon?

  8. theEvasiveFlash says

    yo where is the native flash player for freebsd its october 2009 already!

    all these years theres so many rumors of flash for freebsd/BSD until now nothing! :_(

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