Tentative milestone dates for FreeBSD 7.1 and 6.4

The FreeBSD Project is about to start the release cycle for FreeBSD-7.1 and FreeBSD-6.4. The proposed schedule for the “major events” of the cycle is:

  • Freeze August 29
  • BETA September 1
  • Branch September 6
  • 6.4-RC1 September 8
  • 7.1-RC1 September 15
  • 6.4-RC2 September 22
  • 7.1-RC2 September 29
  • 6.4-REL October 6
  • 7.1-REL October 13

Check out the FreeBSD Calendar for other events.

Thanks to Gonzalo Nemmi for submitting this.

4 thoughts on “Tentative milestone dates for FreeBSD 7.1 and 6.4

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  2. Richard says:

    Bring on 7.1! Word has it they’ll be fixing the APIC problems with the nvidia nforce sets, drives not being recognised etc….. I don’t know whether said fix resolves the keyboard problem (key lock and then freeze). I know a lot of people are hell-bent on getting past these issues as quite a few people have the nforce 650 and successive chipsets, so if this fixes the issues a blog post saying so wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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