endorses FreeBSD, the premiere Linux Hating site, is now officially endorsing FreeBSD. Reason:

the mild mannered community, development practices, truly open licence and quality make FreeBSD an obvious choice for the Web Server and Computer Enthusiast

The website is now moving to a FreeBSD server


  1. Dansolo says

    Mild-mannered like a site with a forum category “General Flames
    This is a place for us to shout out and flame the fuck out of lame sites”?

  2. says

    Hi All. I’m the main server maintainer/co admin of Our site will be moving to a brand new FreeBSD VPS server next month. We’ll also be doing a few articles talking about the advantages to *BSD.

  3. jude says

    I dunno about you guys but I keep hearing all messages from bsd guys that linux sucks (I use linux myself and I am very impresed). What I have not heard is linux guys saying bsd sucks (well I think bsd sucks but I would be flamed lke hell if I said it on a linux forum).

    So may I suggest you keep your valuable opinions to yourself and let us linux guys work out thing?

  4. anon says

    I think that the OP meant that the FreeBSD community is mild mannered- not Linsux. Linsux is not mild-mannered and anyone involved in that site knows it

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