openbsm-logoRobert Watson has announced a test snapshot of OpenBSM 1.1 (alpha 4)  The following are the change notes from the OpenBSM NEWS file included with this release:

  • With the addition of BSM error number mapping, we also need to map the local error number passed to audit_submit(3) to a BSM error number, rather than have the caller perform that conversion.
  • Reallocate user audit events to avoid collisions with Solaris; adopt a more formal allocation scheme, and add some events allocated in Solaris that will be of immediate use on other platforms. 
  • Add an event for Calife. 
  • Add au_strerror(3), which allows generating strings for BSM errors directly, rather than requiring applications to map to the local error space, which might not be able to entirely represent the BSM error number space.
  • Major auditd rewrite for launchd(8) support. Add libauditd library that is shared between launchd and auditd. Add AUDIT_TRIGGER_INITIALIZE trigger (sent via ‘audit -i’) for (re)starting auditing under launchd(8) on Mac OS X.
  • Add ‘current’ symlink to active audit trail.
  • Add crash recovery of previous audit trail file when detected on audit startup that it has not been properly terminated.
  • Add the event AUE_audit_recovery to indicated when an audit trail file has been recovered from not being properly terminated. This event is stored in the new audit trail file and includes the path of recovered audit trail file.
  • Mac OS X and FreeBSD dependent code in auditd.c is separated into auditd_darwin.c and auditd_fbsd.c files.
  • Add an event for the posix_spawn(2) and fsgetpath(2) Mac OS X system calls.
  • For Mac OS X, we use ASL(3) instead of syslog(3) for logging.
  • Add support for NOTICE level logging.

This test release is known to build and run (to varying degrees) on FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and OpenSuse Linux.

OpenBSM releases and snapshots can be downloaded from the OpenBSM website

Thanks Robert for emailing me.