frenzy bsd logoI contacted Sergei Mozhaisky, the Frenzy Administrator LiveCD developer, for his reasons (which he blogged about on his Russion blog) to stop with the development of Frenzy BSD.

I made Frenzy 5 years ago because I needed it in my work. I was a system administrator (first at university, then in local ISPs) and Frenzy helped me a lot in my everyday tasks. FreeBSD is a popular server system in ex-USSR, so Frenzy quickly become popular among russian-speaking sysadmin community.

But life is unpredictable. In March 2008 I’ve left my sysadmin job and became a freelance programmer. Since this I’ve never used Frenzy for my work, so motivation for further development is lost. Also I have not so much free time as before…

Another reason for stopping is that there are no other developers joining and sharing the workload.

The second problem is that I was only one developer. My efforts to create a community for group develoment was failed, most of those who make some progress soon create their own distrubutions instead of collective work.

Further development if Frenzy will take a lot of time and is too heavy now for only one developer.

If anybody is interested in continuing the project, the source codes for build scripts can be obtained via SVN:

It would be really good if this project could be continued.