DesktopBSD Live USB stick

Fusselbaer has posted some instructions on how to set up DesktopBSD running live from a USB memory stick.

The instructions are in German and can’t unfortunately be automatically translated with Google Translate since the link is https. The steps and commands are easy to follow, but if you’re not altogether sure, copy the (part of the) text and paste it in Google Translate.

I’ve not tried it but I assume this can easily be adapted to make PC-BSD and FreeBSD live USB sticks.


  1. says

    I _really_ can wait to get my hands on a fully functional PC-BSD on an usb stick ….
    Good to know the DesktopBSD guy did it ;)

    Thanks for the news Gerard :D

  2. Gustavo Pereira says

    You have the ability to install FreeBSD/PC-BSD on a USB stick from the start.
    You just select the USB stick (device da0s1 usually) and install there. It is better than live, it’s a whole system!

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