Here’s an interesting account of a move from Windows Server 2008 to FreeBSD

The most important thing for the server should be file storage. Secure file storage! Well, using Windows Server allowed me to use the onboard RAID0/1 controller to create a mirror of 2x 1TB drives. Nice, but.. I wanted to go to RAID5 and there’s also the costs. Not just for a good RAID card which costs around 350 – 400 Euro (PCIexpress, 3ware), no it’s also the licence for a Windows Server which is pretty expensive. Too expensive for a server that serves just 7 computers in our and the neighbours house.

So, I turned to Google and typed “Good OS for a fileserver”, and guess what it said? FreeBSD. Sure, FreeBSD… I tried that years ago – as desktop and it was nice and easy (compared to Linux very easy and much better structured), but it was never an OS that I would recommend for a desktop.

Then I turned to an IRC channel where I often stayed in the last few years from time to time. It’s the IRC channel of the (The IRC channel is on (6667) if you would like to join, but it’s mainly in German). I snapped some keywords on ZFS and RAIDz. Hm.. ZFS? Isn’t this the groundbreaking new filesystem from SUN Microsystems? Yes! And it was ported to FreeBSD. Wow! I like SUN, I like their hardware which is very structured build (ever installed hardware into a SUN? That’s very similar to the Mac Pro – just easy to do!) and of course I fight with Java on my Cisco’s notebook every day. No, I like SUN – they have humor and do cool commercials which you can check out on YouTube.

Read the whole story here.

Source: (29/01/2009)